Friday, 8 February 2013

WP4FB 2.0 The No. 1 WordPress Facebook Plugin.

What is WP4FB 2.0

WP4FB 2.0 is the No. 1 WordPress plugin to help you create viral Facebook Fan Page Tabs,  with features that  were previously only available by using services with  high monthly fees.
The user can  build , implement any sort of functionality you want (e.g. sweepstakes, coupons, group deals, auto-share on walls, collecting email addresses, etc). The plugin is so easy to use with drag-and-drop features and comes with clear step-by-step video instructions.

If you ever use Facebook to market your brand…

Or if you really want to, but haven’t because you don’t know where to start (and with millions of Facebook pages out there, how do you stand out from the crowd anyway?)….

You must check out this awesome WP Plugin:

As you know, Facebook is by far one of the most powerful mediums for connecting with potential customers.

After all:
  •  There are nearly a billion people on Facebook Worldwide
  •  The average person is on Faceebook for at least 15 hours each month
  •  That’s 700 billion minutes per month spent on The Social Network
  •  With 30 billion pieces of content shared each month
  •  And 20 million Facebook apps installed every single day

So I have to ask you, what are you doing to capitalize on this unprecedented activity?
Do you have a Fan Page?

And if you do, is it powerful, engaging, and effective? Does it generate new fans and help you make sales?

Or is your Fan Page just one of the millions, lost in the fray and ignored?
Well now, you can make absolutely certain that your Fan Page stands out from the competition.

This is the hands-down best way to market your Facebook Fan Page.

The original version, WP4FB, has over 10,000 users. And version 2.0 is not just an upgrade, it’s an entirely new program that lets you:

  • Create Sweepstakes and run them from your Fan Page (one of the best ways to generate massive viral traffic).
  • Reward fans for referring their friends to your brand.
  • Send out viral messages, helping your products and services spread rapidly to new customers.
  • Create a Welcome Page 2.0 (even with Facebook’s New Timeline) and then link all of your posts,
  • link all of your messages, and other viral activity right back to it.

And that’s only scratching the surface!

See everything that WP4FB 2.0 does, right here:


Arthur Casey

P.S. For a limited time, the creator is also showing WP4FB 2.0 customers his secret to getting an unlimited number of SSL Certificates, for absolutely free. To get all of the details, visit the plugin site now!

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