Thursday, 14 February 2013

Facebook Graph Search - Use To Your Advantage

FaceBook Graph Search is  more than just a search within your current friend base. Even though when first released , it raised a lot Privacy issues and i was not happy with it myself , but now Businesses and Internet Marketers are starting to see the huge value of Graph Search after 3 weeks of beta testing.

 The huge value is finding people that are NOT your friends! , It exposes a body of data that has never before been available to Businesses and Internet Marketers.

I have been using and testing Facebook Graph Search for 2 weeks now and i'am amazed just what this search can do . You can refine your search right down to the point of having a list of users who meet every criteria you choose ,  like "What pages are liked by Internet Marketers who like chocolate " and also what groups they belong to ....

James Renouf and Joe Finn have a series of videos i found on Youtube below that walk you through Facebook Graph Search and show you how to use the power of this tool to collect users ,email addresses and username ID

Everybody will receive Facebook Graph Search eventually :) 

To find a Facebook Username ID -

Friend Search 2

Photo +search3




Names Told To Advertise

Note**The last two videos need to be watched on Youtube as they are not able to be embedded**

Pages And Interests

Places And Audience

Graph search on Facebook explained by Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. More stories like this one at

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