Friday, 23 August 2013

The New Embedded Posts are Now Live on Facebook

Below is a example of what you can do with Embedded Posts from your Facebook Timeline. This will open so many opportunities i guess , exactly what i'am unsure for now ! Any ideas ?

How to use Facebook Embedded Posts

Find out how to use Facebook Embedded posts. A new tool that will increase engagement on your blog.

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Thu Aug 22 07:12:44 +0000 2013
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Faceboook Embedded Posts

http://www.slideshare.netThu Aug 15 05:43:54 -0500 2013
The new Facebook Embedded Posts feature allows you to add Facebook posts to your website. Find out how to use this feature in your online marketing strategy before it becomes available to everyone!

How to embed Facebook posts on your blog - TechHive, 23 Aug 2013 16:51:29 GMT
Examiner.comHow to embed Facebook posts on your blogTechHiveBack in July, Facebook announced that it would allow its users to embed items posted to the site into blog posts or other websites—sort of like how you can embed a YouTube video on your Tumb ...

Facebook Rolls Out Embedded Posts to All Users - Mashable, 21 Aug 2013 20:57:06 GMT
Small Business TrendsFacebook Rolls Out Embedded Posts to All UsersMashableAnyone using a third party website, including users who post to personal blogs or websites, can now embed a public Facebook post directly into their own site. Users can find t ...

Facebook Gives Embedded Posts to All - Wall Street Journal (blog), 21 Aug 2013 22:20:06 GMT
Wall Street Journal (blog)Facebook Gives Embedded Posts to AllWall Street Journal (blog)Facebook introduced embedded posts back in July, part of a continuing effort to make the social network a bigger player in real-time conversation — and to head of ...

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Facebook opens up Embedded Posts to the publicTrustedReviewsFacebook is also consumed with attracting more high profile celebrities to post to Facebook and Twitter and sees Embedded Posts as a vital tool in this drive. Previously those who wished to ...

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