Monday, 3 September 2012

Niche Video Site Builder - Website Builder!

Niche Video Site Builder

how cool is this?

Niche Video Site Builder is the most advanced and most popular
website builder out there . You can literally create a full blown
video website in any niche in less than 1 minute.

And it's super easy to use:

- you just enter a keyword and your adsense ID
- you upload it to your domain
- no step 3... that's it. They're all set, you can forget them...
(do not forget to check your Adsense account and your Analytics though)

You can check a demo site here: >>>

Still it has some amazing advanced features built-in
working for you on autopilot:

- automatic content (you don't have to lift a finger, NVSB finds the most
relevant videos on Youtube for you)

- strong filtering capabilities to only show relevant and useful videos,

- automatically create SILOs inside your website for maximum search engine
exposure and indexation power

- automatically generate backlinks from authority websites

- engage your audience

- leverage the power of social networks by allowing your visitors
to tag your pages

- strong SEO (these video websites will literally force bots
to index thousands and thousands of your web pages and drive
hordes of targeted visitors)

- automatic update

- automatic viral growth (your website automatically grow based on the new
videos published on Youtube as well as based on videos browsed
by your visitors!

- Works with Google Analytics (if you wish to monitor each site)

- many advanced settings (optional) to further customize your website
(change filtering settings, switch from Adsense to any other ads...)
You could have your first video website live in less than 1 minute.

Seriously, this video website builder is the most impressive script
I have seen in years
No wonder why it's so popular (it currently powers around 350,000+
websites on the Internet!)
And today, you can get it at a 90% discount:

This is truly a no brainer and a must have in your arsenal.
If you're like me and you have 20 or even 500 domains sitting there
doing nothing, you could easily turn them into traffic and profit pulling
machines by installing a NVSB website on those.


Or if you have blogs, you could drive more traffic to it by installing
a NVSB powered website in a subdomain and linking back to your blog!

Want to promote a Squeeze page? That's easy! You take your optin
code and plug it into NVSB (it's as easy as copy and paste).

Or you can simply link from your video website to your squeeze page
and get tons of targeted visitors!

Sky is the limit. At that price it's a no brainer and you should get it right away.
See you inside

Kindest Regards

Arthur Casey

PS: I am not sure how long this special offer will last, so please don't
procrastinate and get your copy right away :-)

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