Saturday, 25 August 2012


The strange solution to your Facebook Marketing problem

My friend Garin Kilpatrick sent me a email today telling me he has just released an AMAZING new  Facebook  Product Click Here To Find Out More Just like you, I used to suffer from an ineffective Facebook presence.

This what Garin Kilpatrick  had to Say

 While my competitors were using Facebook to rapidly build their businesses I was resorting to old school tactics and I was miserable. I really feel for anyone who was in the position I used to be in. But you know what? It doesn't have to be this way.

 One day while I was checking out a competitors Facebook page I had a weird idea about how to make my page even better. I decided to improve on a landing page funnel and use it to build my email list and send traffic back to my website!

 So I tried my idea out to see what would happen. Much to my worked! In fact it worked so quickly I almost thought it was a fluke. But it wasn't a fluke. It DOES work. And I believe this can eliminate you Facebook Marketing problem, too.

 I show exactly how I solved my problem in my Facebook Power training product over at: Facebook Power But hurry. Right now it's priced low. That won't be the case forever. Grab it today and watch your Facebook Marketing problem vanish by tomorrow.

If you get Facebook Power today I'll also throw in my EPIC bonus package worth over $1,000. Go here for the details at Facebook Power

You know... You can never be too rich or too successful and in this business... You can never have too big of a presence on Social Media... ...even if you're Justin Bieber!

  Get excited! Your friend in Facebook success, Many people approach Facebook with a traditional mindset and consequently make many mistakes along the way... ...but Facebook is a new medium for communication & marketing and as such requires new methods... ...while doing Facebook consulting for health companies, landscapers, publishers and other businesses I encountered three common mistakes

Three Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes 

#1 Flooding the news stream with too many posts 

   Even if you only have an hour a week for Facebook marketing you can line up all of your posts for the week.

Instead of posting as much as you can whenever you have time line your content up at the beginning of the week and post at optimized times so your content hits the news feed when the most people are looking at it... ..some sure fire engagement tactics include: Sharing Infographics Awesome Quotes Sharing Pictures
Asking Questions

#2 Posting too many sales posts

If you want your fans to care about you and your business you have to first show that you care about them... ...If all of your messages are focused on selling your products and services without adding value for your community you will find that many of your fans will disappear forever.

Luckily if you do the opposite of this and are posting useful, cool and engaging updates not only will people stay they will participate in your page and this will help your page attract in new fans as their activity is broadcast through the social graph.

 #3 Setting the default page landing tab to "The Wall" 

When you first create a Facebook page the default landing tab is the wall so it is not surprising that many people make the mistake of leaving this setting as is... ...the problem with this is when people land on your wall they are attracted to the wall posts and many will forget to click the "like" button

With a custom landing tab you can create a strong call to action for people to click like... ...You can increase your conversion of visitors to fans even more by offering a free digital gift as an incentive that is given to visitors when they become a fan.

 Not quite sure how to set up an iFrame compatible Facebook landing tab?

 No worries, module #1 of Facebook Power has step by step instructions, a video, and over 15 awesome professional templates explaining exactly how custom Facebook tabs work

The best part is once you know how to set up a custom landing tab you can charge businesses a minimum of $197 to help them set up a proper landing tab for their Facebook business page!

 Check out how Facebook Power can help you get paid to Facebook and take your Facebook Marketing to the next level: At Facebook Power

 Facebook  Power now comes with a multi-platform mobile app through which all content can be accessed. It works on iPhones, iPads, Androids and even in Google Chrome & Safari. :-)

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